Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shooting moon with your kit lens...

To shoot a great moon photo you need at-least 300 mm lens... 300 mm lens means spending 400 to 500 U$D or 20 to 30K INR. hmm a big hole in our pocket. Even i wanted to buy a very good telephoto zoom lens, due to the budget constraint i dropped this plan.

I started exploring how to shoot moon with my Nikon nikkor 18-55 mm kit lens. i clicked many photos, finally i got this picture. I used Nikon D3100,  D3100 offers very basic editing features, like crop, fish eye etc.., i crop the picture, here is the result.

Picture details:
Focal Length          : 55mm
Shutter Speed         : 1/25 of a sec(0.04 sec)
f stop(Aperture)      : f/5.6
ISO                         : 100
Flash                       : no
Exposure                : Manual (put you lens on manual focus) 

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  1. Great event photo shoot major all snaps good finished aluminium scaffolding used. Its is colour full camera click for job.