Friday, May 24, 2013

Lightning Photography

Lighting photography is an exciting yet often frustrating task. Result of this task can be amazing if you are lucky. 
From last copule of weeks, i have been trying to capture the photos of lighting, two days ago i  clicked these two images. 

Focal Length : 24mm   Shutter Speed : 141 sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/5.6 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Focal Length : 18mm   Shutter Speed : 4 sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/3.5 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Focal Length : 24mm   Shutter Speed : 276 sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/10 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

  1. Find a safe place, where you can shoot the lighting storm without any trouble :) 
  2. User wide angle lens(i used 18 - 55 mm kit lens)
  3. Something which can hold your camera steady, tripod or bean bag.(i used bean bag)
  4. Shutter speed 30 sec or more. Bulb mode is the best opton, if you have shutter release cable(i used Nikon Nikon MC-DC2 Camera Remote Control)
  5. Open aperture wide to capture more light
  6. Shoot in manual mode
  7. Image format must be RAW(useful when you edit it)
  8. If you have focus ring on your lens, the dial it to infinity.
  9. Click and wait till lighting appears :) 
Please let me know your views.....

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