Thursday, December 19, 2013

Every photograph is a 'lie', ...

"Every photograph is a lie, yet within that lie is a mountain of truth."  said by a famous photographer Bryan Peterson. In this post i'm sharing a photograph which is a lie, take a look at it.

I recently bought Photoshop Elements 12, and started playing with photos. Take a look at the left image below, this is an ancient solar clock shot in Jaipur Rajasthan and the image at right shot in our own garden city Bangalore. The sky above the clock is dull and no fun, so did little mixing and gave dramatic effect.

Which one you liked it?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

ColorStrokes effect...

I used ColorStrokes to pop these beautiful colors from below image. 

Focal Length : 18 mm Shutter Speed : 1/80th of a sec f stop(Aperture) : f/4.5 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Light painted candle stand - multi color light painting

Few months back i have talked about light painting, In this post i'm sharing image of light painted candle stand.

Focal Length : 38 mm Shutter Speed : 96 sec f stop(Aperture) : f/11 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fisheye effect in Nikon D3100 without Fisheye lens

Did you know that Nikon D3100 has Fisheye functionality? When i was browsing through the my camera functions, i found fisheye effect. Look at the image, no Fisheye lens no photo editor...

Focal Length : 55 mm Shutter Speed : 1/5 of a sec f stop(Aperture) : f/32 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Click on MENU button then scroll down to RETOUCH menu, under RETOUCH menu you will find Fisheye. Select Fisheye and then select the image you want edit. Your image will be loaded with scale at the bottom, using left/right arrow key you can give Fisheye effect to the image and save.