Friday, July 26, 2013

Few clicks of Duo(s)...

Today I was browsing my hard drive for old pictures, and i found couple of pictures in which things are in duo.. felt like to share these pictures in my blog. :)

Focal Length : 24mm   Shutter Speed : 1/250th of sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/8 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Focal Length : 24mm   Shutter Speed : 1/80th of sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/4.5 ISO : 400 White Balance : Auto

Focal Length : 20mm   Shutter Speed : 1/1000th of sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/22 ISO : 1600 White Balance : Auto

Focal Length : 54mm   Shutter Speed : 1/800th of sec  f stop(Aperture)  : f/9 ISO : 1600 White Balance : Auto

This picture taken with my iPhone, thats me and my wife...