Sunday, May 19, 2013

Multiple Exposure hack in Nikon D3100


In today's post i'm sharing two pictures which are having multiple exposure. In photography multiple exposure is stacking of two or more exposure create on single image. Most of the higher end Nikon DSLR provides in-built multiple exposure functionality, where you can take a two images with different exposure and that will be superimposed into one single image.

This functionality is not available in Nikon D3100 (the best entry level nikon SLR camera). I found the alternate solution for this in Nikon D3100.

Have you seen Image Overlay function in Retouch Menu? No? then try this today, you will feel good about your camera.. below are the pictures...

Steps to create multiple exposure image
 1. Click Menu button of your Nikon D3100 and then go to retouch..
 2. Select Image overlay
 3. Select any two images from your camera
 4. Then using UP and DOWN arrow, you can adjust the overlaying images.
 5. Save the image.
You can use this saved image and overlay on other image using above steps... to create one single image with three different exposure.

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  1. Thank you Bro Suri... I start to use overlay function

  2. Hi Suri. Do you have to have taken your pictures in RAW? My camera seems to be highlighting that it needs to be in that setup. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Yes, only the RWA images are listed for overlay options. fine or jpg images do not get listed.

  3. my camera told me that no image for overlay , what i'm doing wrong ?

  4. Thank you. The very gesture of sharing and that too with level of detailing is truly appreciable :)

  5. Thank you for this! This info will definitely help me achieve the effects I want while I save up for a better camera!

  6. I know Image Overlay and I use it since I bought my Nikon D40. but this way I've never used it. I use this option mostly for my landscape shots. but your idea is very apart. thanks for sharing your experince. sure I'll try it out.