Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to use Cellphone flash as an off camera flash

Off camera flash yields better result than the on camera flash, because you can fire the strobe wherever you want. Take a look at the below image, i fired the flash light on top of the subject by using cellphone.

Focal Length : 50 mm, Shutter Speed : 1/160 of a sec, f stop(Aperture) : f/2.8, ISO : 200, White Balance : Auto

Gears you need:

  • Camera with wide aperture if you are shooting in low light, i used Nikon 50 mm AF 1.8 G lens on my Nikon D3100
  • Cellphone with flash and an app to fire flash. Free app for Android and iOS
  • Use your three legged friend tripod to hold camera and you can fire strobe on subject.

Follow these steps:

  • Put your camera into manual mode.
  • Focus the subject and move the lens's focusing switch to Manual mode to lock the focus.
  • Fire the strobe on top the subject, and click your shot. I shot this image at night.

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