Monday, September 9, 2013

Panning Photography - Shooting moving subjects

In sports magazine, we often see that, the pictures of fast cars or motorbikes with blur moving background, the technique to shoot the moving subject is referred to Panning Photography.

If you master this technique or get lucky,, you will get WOW images. In this post i am sharing the few images taken using the panning technique, and also i will explain how i took these images.

Focal Length : 55 mm Shutter Speed : 1/15th of sec f stop(Aperture) : f/36 ISO : 200 White Balance : Auto

Shutter Speed: Select a slightly slower shutter speed, depending upon the light and speed of your subject. Put your camera in Shutter Priority mode, let your camera decide the aperture value for you. Start with 1/30 second and then play around with slower ones, again depending upon the light, harsh sunlight and slower shutter speed can spoil your images.

Focusing the subject: Put your camera or lens in Auto Focusing mode, you can let your camera focusing for you, by half pressing the shutter release button.

Continues Shoot: Dial your camera in continues shooting mode, where you can shoot multiple images of subject, out of many, you will find only few great images.

Panning Technique: The idea behind panning photography is that you move your camera(in a horizontal plane) along in time with moving subject. Resulting sharp subject with blurred background.

Focal Length : 55 mm Shutter Speed : 1/20th of sec f stop(Aperture) : f/11 ISO : 100 White Balance : Auto

Hope you like this tip, share your view on this.....

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